Source 1 Drainage S1E-PLCD-3PK 3-Pack Trench & Driveway Channel Drain System with Grates

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  • Cement grey grates coordinate well with existing concrete. Made in the USA!
  • 10' of channel with end cap and end outlet
  • Dimensions: 5.12" H x 4.53" W x 117.60" L
  • Class B Load Rated for cars, trucks, vans and light duty vehicles
  • Heal Guard & ADA Approved for added safety
  • Cross braced ribs are designed into the body for strength and rigidity
  • Anti flotation channel feet prevent floating when encased in fill material.
  • Polypropylene channel with a high impact strength at hot and cold temperatures
  • Channel lengths are interlocking, no screws required and are qwik fit
  • Grates are easily removable for cleaning and maintenance.

Source One Environmental Drainage S1E-PLCD-3PK 3-Pack Trench & Driveway Channel Drain System with Grates Remove unwanted surface water from your garage, pool or patio with the Source 1 Drainage Channel Trench Drain Combo Pack with grates. This 10 ft. long, 5 in. high combo pack provides a perfect long-term solution for the collection and dispersal of surface water. Class B rated this product is perfect for cars, trucks, vans and light duty vehicles traveling at speeds under 20mph. The Source 1 Drainage channel drain features easy to snap in and out plastic gray grates that require no screws. Create long runs of channel drain quick and easy with its interlocking and secure built-in joining system. Easily add additional channels by snapping them together in an extended straight line. The Source 1 Drainage Channel Drain also makes installation stress free with slots for rebar. Compared to other products on the market, the Source 1 Drainage channel drain provides engineered slots to secure the channel with rebar, making installation easier and hassle free. The 10’ combo pack is ideal for any domestic area where surface water collects including driveways, pools, patios, walkways and sports courts. Combo pack comes with 10 ft. of channel (3 sticks), grates (3), end cap (1) and end outlet (1). For “L, T or X installations use the Source 1 Drainage Quad Connector with Gray Grates.

3- Pack Includes:

    • Total of 10' of channel with caps
      • (3) - Channel with Grate
      • (1) - End Cap
      • (1) - End Outlet


    • Driveways - Position between the garage and the driveway.
    • Patios - Drain water where it may be water pooling.
    • Swimming Pools - Divert pool water away from grass or flower beds.
    • Sports Courts - Where standing water could prove to be a hazard.
    • Gardens - Where natural run off can be safely diverted.
    • Walkways - Drains pooling water safely and conveniently.


  1. Dig a trench deep enough to allow for a 2” bed of sand and wide enough to accept a 4” backfll of concrete on each side.
  2. Fix a string for the finished height of the channel. If using bottom outlet, determine its location. Spread and compact the sand base.
  3. If using bottom outlet, use a 3” hole saw to open the outlet. Otherwise, skip this step and proceed on to step #4.
  4. Remove grates to access End Cap and End outlet. When using the Female side, slide End Cap or End Outlet in channel. For Male side, pop End Cap or End Outlet into channel.
  5. Working from the Outlet End, install the channel using the string line to set the grade.
  6. For “ELL, TEE, or X” installations, use the Source 1 Quad Corner.
  7. If necessary, cut a channel and grate to length. Use tape to hold the End Cap in place during pour.
  8. Install the channel and secure with 1/2” rebar and wire ties.
  9. Use tape to cover the grates and the grate lock holes on the side of the channel to keep them clean during the pour.
  10. Vehicular traffic applications: Backfill with concrete, float out channel 1/16” below finished level concrete.
  11. Asphalt: Do not pour asphalt against channels. Backfill with concrete a minimum of 4” each side.
  12. Alternative applications: Backfill with concrete a minimum depth of 3” extending away a minimum of 4” each side. Install pavers or backfill with soil.
  13. Allow sufficient time for the concrete to fully cure before exposing to traffic or removing grates.
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Manufacturer Source One Environmental
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Pack Size 3-Pack
Grate Material Polypropylene
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