FlushLine TR-08 3" Replacement Flapper for Toto G-Max Toilet, THU092-2, THU138S, THU175S, 2021BP - Made in USA!

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  • Replaces Toto G-Max, THU092-2, THU138S, THU175S, and 2021BP toilets.
  • Perfect non-oem replacement for your leaky tank flush valve seal.
  • Constructed of Dura-Chlor for durability as well as Chlorine and hard water resistance.
  • Quick and easy installation - NO tools required.
  • Proudly Made in the USA!

FlushLine Replacement Flapper for Toto G-Max Toilet, THU092-2, THU092-2, THU138S, THU175S, 2021BP - Made in USA

FlushLine’s replacement toilet flapper for Toto G-Max Toilet, THU092-2, THU092-2, THU138S, THU175S, 2021BPtoilets is a perfect fix for your flushing issues. This flapper installs easily without tools. This flapper includes a stainless steel D-Chain with chain tube and loop hook to eliminate chain fall-off. FlushLine’s flappers are made of state-of-the-art Dura-Chlor. Dura-Chlor is a chemical resistant, code compliant material that provides the highest quality and ensures a consistent seal every single flush. Each FlushLine flapper comes in a specially engineered box that ensures the integrity of each flapper’s shape. FlushLine flappers are made in the USA.

Why FlushLine Flappers?

Traditional toilet flappers are made of rubber and can deteriorate over time. This is caused impart to the toilet bowl cleaners you drop into the tank or by chemicals used by utilities. Over time rubber flappers will deteriorate thus causing your toilet to leak. FlushLine’s flappers, however, are made of chemical resistant Dura-Chlor. Dura-Chlor is a chlorine resistant, code compliant material that provides maximum trouble-free performance to your toilet. Each FlushLine flapper is made with pride in the USA. Replace or fix your toilet flapper with a FlushLine toilet flapper.

How to Determine Your Toilet Flapper Replacement Size:

Step 1: Remove tank lid

Take the tank lid off of the tank and put in a safe place to avoid accidentally breaking it.

Step 2: Turn off water supply

The water supply valve is normally located on the wall, on the left side of the toilet as you are facing the toilet. Turn the handle clockwise to turn off the water. If the valve will not completely turn off, you can still proceed because it will not effect this simple replacement of the flapper.

Step 3: Remove the water in the toilet tank

If you would like to conserve the water in the tank, then use a small cup to scoop the water out and pour it into a larger container or bucket.

This water can then be used to water your plants. Otherwise, flush the toilet to remove the water in the tank. Since you already turned the water supply valve off, no water will be filled back into the tank and you’re ready to remove the flapper. The water does not have to be completely removed, as long as it’s just below the flapper. When you remove the flapper, any water left inside the tank will exit the tank anyway.

Step 4: Determine your current flapper size

Measure the width of the top of your flapper with a ruler or tape measure.  

Existing flapper size:


Replacement Flapper Size Needed:

  • Less Than 3-1/8 Inches = 2 Inch Flapper
  • More Than 3-1/4 Inches = 3 Inch Flapper

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Manufacturer Aubrie Home Accents
Model TR-8
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Ceiling Light Mount Flush Mount
Finish / Color Red
Style Transitional
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