Our 5 Favorite Kitchen & Bathroom Trends from KBIS 2019

Our 5 Favorite Kitchen & Bathroom Trends from KBIS 2019 | GreyDock Blog
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Here's our scoop from this year's bigger than ever Kitchen and Bath Industry Show!

Last week, part of our team attended the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas. KBIS is the largest trade show dedicated to all things kitchen and bath—and we mean it.

The showroom floor was packed with more than 600 brands showing off their newest wares to thousands of interior designers, store owners and more.

While us Michiganders were hoping for warmer weather during our visit in Vegas, KBIS sure brought the heat! Here are a few of our favorite kitchen and bath trends that we think will be on fire in 2019.

Bolder Kitchen Colors

Move over stainless—color is back and better than ever! Small appliances like mixers and blenders caught the color bug years ago, but at KBIS 2019 color was everywhere. This year you’ll see faucets, tile, major appliances and more toting brighter and bolder hues.


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Mixed Metals

Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of mismatched metals on TV and magazines in the coming months. Designers will be all over this kitchen trend in 2019!

Here’s our tip for trying it out: Balance your warm- and cool-toned metals. So if your kitchen has a lot of stainless accents, install a gold pendant over your island or sink.

An even easier way to incorporate this trend? Swap out cabinet hardware for a new look.

KBIS 2019 Kitchen Trend: Mixed Metal Finishes

Softer Hardware Finishes

Softer finishes like matte gold, champagne, and pewter are making their rounds in both the kitchen and bath. If you’re remodeling either room this year, ditch the traditional finishes and try something more muted. It’s also a great opportunity to mix and match metals. ?

KBIS 2019 Bathroom Trend: Softer finishes like champagne were everywhere.

Texture is Better

From wallpaper to tile, texture will play a big role in home design in 2019. Texture adds depth and visual interest, taking spaces from boring to brilliant without much effort.

Don’t be afraid to get a little crazy with it! Start small—think wallpapered powder rooms or a funky tiled shower. 


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Smart Assistant Upgrade

The Google Homes and Alexas of the world just got smarter.

We can all agree that the hardest part of getting out of bed venturing into a cold bathroom. With new technology featured at KBIS 2019, those days are over.

You’ll soon be able to start the shower from the comfort of your bed (!), adjust the water temperature and more. We’re excited to see what the future holds for this type of tech in the home!

KBIS 2019: Over 600 exhibitors participated to show off their newest innovations.

Now that you're privy to the newest kitchen and bath trends from this year's show, how will you incorporate them into your home design? Sound off in the comments!

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