6 Storage Hacks to Make the Most of a Small Bathroom

6 Storage Hacks to Make the Most of a Small Bathroom | GreyDock Blog
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Add easy storage that doesn't skimp on style.

When it comes to bathrooms, we sometimes get dealt the short end of the stick when it comes to space.

Having a small bathroom doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to maximize the storage! Check out these hacks to make your bathroom less cramped—without skimping on style.

Add Some Wheels

What has four wheels, stylish looks and easy-to-access storage? If you guessed a bar cart, you’re right! You can easily repurpose one to make space for towels, makeup, lotion and other toiletries. And since they’re mobile, bathroom bar carts can be repositioned on the fly.

via A Beautiful Mess

Go Vertical

Floating shelves, hanging baskets and above-door shelving are all great options for sneaking some storage onto your bathroom walls. If space allows, add a couple plants to liven up your bath.

Storage Ladder

We’ve all seen them: the wobbly, metal above-the-toilet racks that add more storage but not much in the style department. Give that shelf a rustic update with a leaning ladder. Get the plans for this DIY ladder shelf.

via Ana White

Use Robe Hooks

Bathroom hooks take up a small footprint and can be used to hang towels, robes and any other must-haves. With a variety of shapes and styles, you can really pick and choose the perfect hook depending on what you need it for.

Install a Tension Rod

If the cabinet under your sink is looking a little crowded, a shelf could surely help. Better yet, try hanging a small tension rod. You can hang cleaning supplies directly by their spray nozzles or use S-hooks to hang baskets for organization. This storage hack also works in the laundry room.

Bath Vanity Tension Rod

Tension rods are also great in the shower—not just for curtains. Grab some S-hooks and caddies to keep your shampoo and body wash off the edges of your tub.

Add Recessed Shelves

If you’re extra desperate for space we suggest cutting into the wall. Yep, you read that right! Turns out, there’s plenty of space between wall studs to turn into recessed shelving. Read more about how to tackle this project.

Recessed Shelves in the Bathroom

Don’t feel hopeless about your storage-less bathroom! With a little creative thinking, you can add endless space for everything you need.

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