How to Make a Small Bathroom Look (And Feel) Larger

How to Make a Small Bathroom Look (And Feel) Larger | GreyDock Blog
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Flex your creative muscles to make your bathroom feel bigger.

Creating a larger feeling bathroom doesn’t have to mean knocking down walls or remodeling an existing floorplan. No matter what style of bath you currently have, with these simple tips and a little visual magic, you can create a bathroom that feels larger than it is.

Choose Calming Colors

Strong colors or darker tones can make a space feel smaller. Using pale or softer paint tones can make a space seem larger and less closed in. Use bright accents and accessories to add a splash of color and complement these new neutral color tones.

Choose lighter colored paints to open up your bathroom.

Brighten the Room

A dimly lit space is almost always going to make a room feel smaller. Try making the most of any natural lighting that is available in your bathroom. Skylights are often the best for providing the most natural lighting but can be on the pricier side.

If using natural lighting isn’t an option, consider installing a larger vanity light or additional recessed lighting to brighten up your space. Additional lighting in conjunction with a lighter paint color can do wonders for opening up a bathroom.

Swap Out the Vanity

A vanity cabinet is a great place for storage if space isn’t limited. But these vanities can eat up valuable space in bathrooms that need it the most. Pedestal sinks or wall-mounted sinks are inexpensive options and take up far less space than most standard vanity cabinets. Using a pedestal sink with mounted wall shelves shrinks the footprint of your sink and adds more floor space. These can be especially useful in half bath layouts.  

Cut Out the Clutter

Clutter is often the biggest factor in a space feeling small. We suggest limiting the amount of wall decor and minimizing the number of towels kept in the bathroom itself. Keeping just the essentials within the bathroom can free up much-needed space and reduce the overall clutter of an area. A good deep cleaning of the bathroom is always recommended and can give the space a fresh feel.

Keep clutter to a minimum.

Reflect the Space with Mirrors

Mirrors create the illusion of a larger living area, and it might be just what your bathroom needs to feel bigger. Not only will a mirror create a spacious look but will also help to reflect light throughout the room. Add mirrors across from windows to take advantage of natural light.

Expand the Ceiling

Even with low ceilings, you can create the illusion of height with molding or latticework around the edge of the ceiling. Matching the crown molding paint color to match the ceiling paint color is always recommended and will help to create additional depth. 

Choose a Light-Colored Flooring

Much like the way dark paint can close a room off, dark flooring can make a room feel shorter. Light-colored flooring can give the illusion of height to your bathroom. If swapping out the flooring isn’t an option, a light-colored rug can be a suitable substitute.

Use lighter colored floors to open up the space.

With these bathroom tips, your small bath can take on an entirely new look and feel. Even with little or no DIY experience, renters and homeowners can tackle this home improvement project!

Over to you—what’s the #1 thing you’d like to change about your bathroom? Let us know in the comments!

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