How to Organize Under Your Kitchen Sink

How to Organize Under Your Kitchen Sink | GreyDock Blog
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Transform a small storage space into an organized and clean area perfect for storing all your home’s cleaning supplies.

Most cabinet storage under kitchen sinks becomes a catch-all for household cleaning supplies from plastic bags and random brushes to sponges and more. The good news is that in just a few minutes and with minimal effort, you can transform this small, dark, and dingy storage space into an organized and clean area perfect for storing all your home’s cleaners and miscellaneous items.

Clear It Out

You’ll want to start with a clean slate. This means tossing out old brushes and sponges that need replacing. Throw out old cleaners that have expired, begun leaking or are just plain not needed.

How to Organize Under Your Kitchen Sink

We also recommend moving bathroom cleaners and sprays into the bathroom if space allows. This will not only keep those cleaners closer to the area where they are likely to be used but will also free up space under your kitchen sink.

Line It Up

Protect your cabinet and make clean ups easier by putting in a wipeable liner. This will make cleaning easier in case of spills or leaks. Plus, a decorative liner can make for a nice accent to this small storage space.

Install a Rod

Tension rods aren’t just for your shower anymore. Use a tension rod to span your cabinet, this can be used to hang spray bottles from their triggers and free up space beneath for baskets and storage bins. A screw-mounted rod can also be used but a heavy-duty tension rod will usually do the trick.

Use rods to add extra storage space

Install a Light

Consider adding a small light under your sink. Small battery-operated LED lights can easily brighten up the space and make finding your supplies easier. Better yet, add a motion sensor light that pops on when you open your cabinet’s doors.

Use the Door

When space is limited don’t forget about the door. Utilize small hooks on the inside of your cabinet door to hang items like gloves and rags. Over the door bins and hooks can also be used to store things like plastic bags, sponges, and brushes without taking up shelf space below.

Use the insides of cabinet doors for more storage.

Go Vertical

To utilize even more of the space, we like the idea of idea stackable storage. Think bins, drawers, and tiered shelving. This keeps supplies organized and easily accessible.


With these tips and a short amount of time, you’ll be able to turn your under-sink cabinet into a well-organized space perfect for storing those everyday cleaning products!

Have you recently tackled a kitchen organization project? Have tips and tricks of your own you’d like to share? Connect with us on social!

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