How to Mix and Match Home Decor Styles

How to Mix and Match Home Decor Styles | GreyDock Blog
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Effortlessly blend two interior design styles with these helpful tips.

It’s not hard to accumulate a decent amount of furniture over the years, whether they’re hand-me-downs or old decorative pieces from previous homes.

No matter how you got your hands on these decorative pieces, letting them sit in storage seems wasteful. But how easy is it to throw together a room with different styles of décor? Here are some general rules of thumb to follow when mixing and matching décor styles and some gorgeous examples of homeowners who’ve done it up right.

Tips for Mixing Interior Design Styles

Only combine two design styles. It doesn’t matter how different they are (opposites attract, right?) because all that matters is how you style the room.

Once you decide on the décor themes, the first thing do is to strike a balance between the two. You don’t want one style to overshadow the other. It also prevents the space from looking cluttered.

Start with a neutral base—whether it’s the walls, flooring or furniture. Having a unified starting point creates consistency. From there, you can add larger furniture and decorative pieces.

A benefit of mixing and matching décor styles in your home is that you create a truly unique space. No cookie cutter rooms here! You’re able to show off your personality and decor style as much as you please. It’s a great conversation starter, too.

And now, a few examples of mixed décor:

Farmhouse Industrial

This homeowner mixed industrial accents into a predominantly farmhouse space. The lighting, stainless steel appliances and metal shelf all showcase the cold details of industrial design. On the flipside, the butcher block counters, apron-front sink and dark finishes are as rustic as can be.

Industrial Farmhouse Decor Inspiration | GreyDock Blog

Mid-Century Coastal

This dining area has a more subtle take on coastal style, but the washed wood finishes and driftwood accents make this a minimal beachy haven. Paired with classic molded plastic chairs and hairpin table legs, this space combines the best of both styles.

Mid-Century Modern + Coastal Decor Inspiration | GreyDock Blog

Modern Victorian

To add some of the character that Victorian homes are known for, find ways to incorporate carved wood accents, fresh flowers and other ornate details. Mix that with sleek, modern furniture for the perfect balance of design styles. We love the chandelier in this dining room because it looks like a classic candelabra fixture but updated for the 21st century.

Modern Victorian Decor Inspiration | GreyDock Blog

Scandinavian Boho

Bohemian and Scandinavian design styles couldn’t be more different. One is colorfully loud and the other is minimally understated. Yet at the same time, when combined, it works. Bohemian style features a lot of vibrant colors, textures and patterns. Scandinavian décor is designed with contemporary tastes in mind and features simple yet functional furniture.

To achieve this style, start with neutral walls and furniture. Add pops of color and texture with pillows, rugs and blankets. 

Scandinavian Boho Decor Inspiration | GreyDock Blog

If you have eclectic taste, you know how hard it can be to decorate. Mixing and matching interior design styles isn’t always the easiest, but as you can see, it can be done stylishly. At the end of the day, you’ll have a home that you can truly call yours.

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