How to Make a DIY Face Mask with Airlaid Napkins

How to Make a DIY Face Mask with Airlaid Napkins | GreyDock Blog
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Learn how to your own protective face mask.

The CDC now recommends Americans wear face coverings in public settings like grocery stores and pharmacies to slow the spread of coronavirus.

You can easily make your own mask out of bandanas or old t-shirts, but another option is using napkins. Yes, napkins—but not any ordinary linens. Airlaid napkins can be transformed into a single-use disposable mask. They’re made from a thick, ultra 4-ply material—see how much they absorb.

Here’s how to make a DIY non-surgical face mask—no sewing required.

Materials Needed:

  • Airlaid Napkin
  • Elastic Bands
  • Stapler or Hole Punch

Step 1: Take a single airlaid napkin and fold three times into an accordion.

Step 2: Grab rubber bands or other elastic string and attached to each side of the napkin with staples or a hole punch.

Step 3: Unfold the finished mask and use when needed. The closed part of the mask should rest on top of your nose with the open plies on the bottom.

Be sure to dispose of your mask after wearing. This DIY no-sew mask is meant for one time use.

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