How to Spruce Up Your Spare Bedroom for Houseguests

How to Spruce Up Your Spare Bedroom for Houseguests | On the Dock | GreyDock Blog
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Use these tips to help make your out-of-town guests feel welcome for their stay.

Whether you’ve got last-minute visitors or plans for relatives to visit over the holidays, you’ll want to make sure the guest bedroom is prepped and ready. It doesn’t take much to create a warm and hospitable environment that’s not far off from luxurious hotel experience.

Use these tips to help make your out-of-town guests feel welcome on their stay.

Dust Everything

Dust, dander and other allergens aren’t very welcoming. Clearing the air of these irritants will make the room a tidier and more pleasant place to stay.

If your spare bedroom doesn’t get much traffic, make sure you do a deep clean before the guests arrive. Dust everything, from the ceiling fan to the base molding. Vacuuming the carpet and shaking off rugs will also be a big help.

Wash the Bedding

There’s one thing we can all agree on: nothing’s better than sleeping in a bed with fresh sheets.

The day before your guests arrive, strip the bed and wash the sheets. Use fabric softener too, but make sure it’s unscented or lightly scented (just in case your guests are sensitive to smells).

Once the bed is made, fluff the pillows and top everything off with a throw blanket. Your guests will appreciate these cozy touches after a long trip.

Pamper your guests with freshly washed sheets and bedding. Image: Hearth Magazine

Be Accommodating

One of the key things about being hospitable is being as accommodating as possible. What could your guests potentially need? If they’re coming in from a long flight or car ride, chances are high that it’s a nap.

In that situation, a good set of curtains that block light can make the world of a difference. Live in a loud neighborhood? Some curtains even tout noise-dampening capabilities. Not too shabby if you ask us!

Provide the Essentials

Help your guests settle in with a couple water bottles and magazines on the nightstand. Include a card with the Wi-fi password, too—that way your guests can binge their latest Netflix series without having to ask.

In the bathroom, have a few extra toiletries readily available. If you’ve ever forgotten to pack toothpaste or shampoo, you know how happy you’d be if your hosts provided some for you! Toilet paper is another great item to have easily accessible, as some might feel awkward digging around your bathroom for a new roll.

Swing arm light fixtures provide light exactly where you need it, when you need it.Have Smart Lighting Options

As the days get shorter, having proper lighting in the guest bedroom is key. Sometimes an overhead ceiling light alone won’t cut it, so use this as an opportunity to add task lighting. Start by adding a table lamp or two. If you have a room with limited space, consider swing arm fixtures. These versatile lights can be hardwired or plugged into an outlet.

Add the Finishing Touches

Once everything is fresh and tidied up, it’s time to put the finishing touches on your spare bedroom. Anything from candles to fresh cut flowers to throw pillows works here. Feel free to get creative while keeping your guests’ interests in mind.


At the end of the day, your spare bedroom should feel like your guest’s home away from home. Think about what you particularly enjoy when you’re a guest and use that in your preparation. If you prep your guest room with these tips in mind, there’s no way your houseguests won’t be back soon for another visit.

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