Thanksgiving Cleanup: Our Tips for Making After-Dinner Cleanup a Breeze

Thanksgiving Cleanup: Our Tips for Making After-Dinner Cleanup a Breeze
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We can all agree: cleaning up after dinner is the worst part of Thanksgiving.

There’s no doubt about it—everyone looks forward to chowing down on Thanksgiving, but cleaning up after dinner? It’s easily the worst part of the holiday! Piles of plates, greasy roasting pans, and dozens of forks and knives make it feel like a completely separate event.

No two families are alike, so we decided to ask around the office and get the scoop. What does everyone’s family’s cleanup look like?

After-Dinner Cleanup

How soon is too soon to start cleaning up? Sometimes, dinner doesn’t even have to be over! “I can’t remember a time that somebody hasn’t started cleaning up as dinner is going on,” one of our marketing coordinators said.

It can get overwhelming quick, so start important to start quickly before the tryptophan hits and you’re conked out on the couch.  Don’t be afraid to make it a group effort, either. “We try to clean up as we go. After dinner, everybody loads the dishwasher,” our Customer Service Manager told us.

Another customer service team member said that using disposable plates and silverware has made her cleanup a lot faster. “We usually have about 12 to 15 people and the whole table is filled,” she said.

Help from Guests: Yea or Nay?

We’ve all heard that it’s a faux pas to accept help from your dinner guests, but that’s not always the case. Everyone agreed that if someone insists, don’t turn away the help!

“It depends on the people who are there and if they insist on helping,” one of our IT members said. “It’s the same thing like paying the bill. I don’t turn them away—it creates a weird situation.”

Getting extra hands to help also depends on who you’re hosting. “If they’re family, I welcome their help. If they’re not family, I tell them to go sit down and relax,” said our Customer Service Manager.

So, to recap:

Clean as you go. This prevents too big a pileup from forming. Biting off a little a time will make the overall dishwashing process more palatable.

Have plenty of takeout containers. If your guests aren’t staying, they can easily take a container of leftovers to-go.

Don’t turn away the extra hands. Like we said, this depends on your family. But if Aunt Sue insists, let her help!


What about your family? Let us know how cleanup goes after your Thanksgiving dinner in the comments!

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