9 Tips for Hosting a Successful Friendsgiving

9 Tips for Hosting a Successful Friendsgiving | GreyDock Blog
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Start a new holiday tradition with your friends.

Friendsgiving is a great chance to spend extra time with friends during the busy holiday season. But if you’re hosting it for the first time, planning the whole event can be stressful. Follow these nine tips and you’ll have a successful Friendsgiving—and a new holiday tradition.

1. Create a Guest List

Of course, the old saying says the more the merrier, but it’s a tough proposition if space is limited. It’s never fun to have to pick and choose who to invite, but limiting the number of guests and their plus-ones can keep the whole get together more manageable. It also makes seating a bit easier.

2. Keep Your Friends in the Know

Don’t leave your guests guessing. Let your company know ahead of time how many people will be attending, the time and date, and food responsibilities. This is also a good time to take food allergies and dish preferences into account and pass this information along to those attending. If you are requesting that everyone brings a dish to pass, it is a good idea to keep a checklist of who is bringing what to avoid confusion.

Let your friends know which dishes to bring so there's no Friendsgiving confusion. | GreyDock Blog

3. Figure Out Serving Size

The last thing you’ll want is to run low on any of the delicious food. Along with sending the number of guests attending, it’s also helpful to let your friends know rough serving sizes. This will help them in deciding how much of their dish they’ll need to make.

4. Plan for Oven and Fridge Space

More than likely your guest will be bringing a dish to share—especially if you have asked people to sign up ahead of time. Try to plan what will need to go in the oven for warming and what foods will need to be stored in the fridge. No one wants to fight over space to prep or store their food. Clearing food from the fridge ahead of time and planning out oven space will save a ton of time and hassle when your friends arrive.  

Keep your oven, fridge, and counters clear for the influx of food on Friendsgiving. | GreyDock Blog

5. Clear Clutter on the Counters

With so many dishes to pass, counter space is going to fill up quickly. Store away small appliances like toasters and coffee makers to free up additional space. Consider storing desserts elsewhere until dinner has finished. A small folding table can also help relieve the clutter and keep things organized. 

6. To-Go Containers Are a Must

Even with the best planning, there will always be leftovers. Instead of having these leftovers go to waste, or worse yet… sitting in your fridge for days after, stock up on to-go containers and send your friends home with the food that’s left.

Takeout containers are a must for Friendsgiving leftovers. | GreyDock Blog

7. Open Up the Bar Responsibilities

Who doesn’t love a glass of wine or a cocktail with Thanksgiving dinner? It’s completely appropriate to ask your friends to bring a bottle of wine or a bottle, six-pack, or bottle of their favorite liquor. If you don’t you may end up footing the bill for the evening’s alcohol.

8. Stock Up on Stain Remover

With so many people eating and drinking, something is bound to get spilled. Keep stain remover and towels handy for these sorts for these accidents. It will make cleanup a lot easier and keep the night going without a hiccup. One of the most common culprits is red wine—learn how to remove those stains with items you already have in your home.

9. Send a Reminder

The holidays are busy for most. Send a simple reminder to your friends a couple of days prior to your Friendsgiving. Use this as an opportunity to confirm that everyone is still making their dishes and that they are still able to make the get together.


Have you hosted your very own Friendsgiving? We want to hear your tips and advice for throwing the perfect holiday gathering! Comment down below or let us know on social!