7 Festive Holiday Tablescape Ideas We Can’t Get Enough Of

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Make your kitchen table the center of attention this holiday season with these festive tablescape ideas.

What’s more festive than a great kitchen table centerpiece? Many consider their kitchen the hub of their home, so it only makes sense it’s well-decorated for the holidays.

Get inspired for your own festive fall and winter tablescapes with these seven ideas.

A Simple, Cozy Fall Tablescape at Cherished Bliss

One of the best ways to create a festive tablescape is to shop around your own home for supplies—and that’s just what Ashley at Cherished Bliss did! This understated tablescape screams fall: the cozy blanket, whitewashed pumpkins, and other natural accents give it a woodsy feel.

A Simple, Cozy Fall Tablescape. Image: Cherished Bliss

A Wicked, Thrifted Halloween Tablescape at the Jungalow

Say goodbye to kitschy Halloween décor of the past. This sophisticated tablescape says bye-bye to plastic pumpkins and hello to dark and moody themes. The only color comes from a gorgeous floral arrangement. The best part? Much of this tablescape was thrifted, making it even more worth the while.

A Wicked, Thrifted Halloween Tablescape. Image: The Jungalow

Enchanted Autumn at the White Buffalo Styling Co.

Do you have outdoor entertaining in your sights? This rustic tablescape by Lindsay at the White Buffalo Styling Co. is an enchanted setting complete with place cards and an earthy color scheme. It’s both formal and relaxed, making it perfect for a cool autumn dinner party.

Enchanted Autumn Tablescape. Image: The White Buffalo Styling Co.

Chic Thanksgiving Table at Living with Landyn

Proper etiquette doesn’t have to feel stuffy! Living with Landyn’s Thanksgiving tablescape is formally set with all the dinnerware and flatware impeccably placed. We wouldn’t mind eating our turkey dinner at this table!

Chic Thanksgiving Table. Image: Living with Landyn

The Thanksgiving Kids’ Table at Say Yes

Just because the kids are seated separately doesn’t mean their table shouldn’t get the full treatment! This Thanksgiving kids’ table setting combines the whimsy of childhood with grown-up sophistication. The personalized placemats are a nice touch.

The Thanksgiving Kids Table. Image: Say Yes

Simple Rustic Winter Tablescape at Bless’er House

Busy tablescapes can be overwhelming, which is why we’re loving this minimal winter table setting. It’s a realistic setup you can almost picture in your own home. The pairing of winter whites with cozy accents (check out those cable knit plates!) make this the perfect tablescape to last you until springtime.

Simple Rustic Winter Tablescape. Image: Bless'er House

Red and White Christmas Tablescape at the Lily Pad Cottage

Kelly, the creative mind behind the Lily Pad Cottage, says tablescapes aren’t her strong suit. We disagree! This red and white setup offers an updated look to ghosts of Christmas tablescapes past. It’s cool and casual with just the right amount of color.

Red and White Christmas Tablescape. Image: The Lily Pad CottageOn the Dock | Home Inspiration and Advice | GreyDock.com

How do you decorate your kitchen table during the holidays? Let us know in the comments!

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