How to Install a Channel Drain System

How to Install a Channel Drain System | GreyDock Blog
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Learn how to install a channel drain system with this helpful video.

One of the best solutions to keep your driveway, garage or walkway free from standing water is installing channel drain. Also known as trench drain, this type of residential drainage requires a specific method of installation to make sure it stays in place. Check out the video above to learn the proper trench drain installation method or keep reading for the step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Dig the Trench

Your trench will need to be deep enough to allow a 2-inch bed of sand under the channel. It also must be wide enough for 4 inches of concrete backfill on each side.

Step 2: Compact the Sand Base

Fix a string at the finished height of the channel. If you’re using a bottom outlet, determine where it’ll be located and use a 3-inch hole saw to open it. Once that’s all set, use your shovel to tamp the sand down.

Tamp the sand base down.

Step 3: Place the Trench Drain

Using the string from step two as a guide, place your channel drain to set the grade. Remove the grates to get access to the end cap and end outlet. Connect your 3- or 4-inch drain pipe to the end outlet and use the tabs to connect it.

Connect end outlets/pipe to channel drain.

Secure the sticks of channel with ½ inch rebar and wire ties. If you aren’t doing a straight across installation of trench or channel drain, use a quad corner connector.

Secure the sticks of channel with rebar and wire ties.

Tip: Driveway trench drain can be cut to custom lengths to fit your application.

Step 4: Backfill with Concrete

Float the channel 1/16” below the finished level of concrete and then backfill at least four inches on both sides. Smooth the concrete out and let it cure before exposing the channel to traffic or removing grates.

Backfill the area with concrete and smooth it out. TIP: Cover the grates with tape for an easy cleanup.

Tip: Use tape to cover the top of the grate and the side grate lock channels to prevent them from filling with concrete. It’ll make it easier to remove the drain grate later if it needs to be cleaned. 

Installing channel drain is a project that you'll need to plan beforehand. Once you know how many sticks you need, channel drain installation is a straightforward process. 

Got a question about installing the StormDrain Plus driveway drainage system? Feel free to reach out to our friendly customer service department!