DIY Drainage Solutions: How to Install a StealthFlow Downspout Extension

How to Install a StealthFlow Low-Profile Downspout
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Fix your overflowing downspouts with this simple DIY drainage project.

Picture this: it’s pouring rain and your downspout is washing away all your mulch and flooding your flowerbed.

It’s terrible to watch your hard work go underwater, but what if we told you there was an easy DIY solution that requires no digging?

Enter Amerimax’s StealthFlow, a downspout drainage solution that keeps water away from your home. Keep reading to see how easy it is to install!

Step 1: Remove Downspout Extension and Attach StealthFlow Elbow

Start by removing whatever extension may be in place. It could be an aluminum extension, a splash block, or traditional elbow. Once that’s gone, you’ll easily be able to attach the StealthFlow elbow onto your existing downspout.

Step 2: Snap StealthFlow Extension in Place

Each piece of StealthFlow features a snap-in system that makes creating extended runs a breeze. It you’d like a watertight seal, we recommend using a silicone caulk around the joints.

Step 3: Install Additional Extensions as Needed

The ball’s in your court now! Depending on your needs, you can essentially create a never-ending run of StealthFlow. The customization of this product is what makes it so special.

Use the 24” extensions to make a straight run through your landscaping or use the elbow to curve it.

Step 4: Cover with Mulch or Rocks

You can use any landscape cover to hide your StealthFlow system, including rocks, pebbles, mulch or straw. Just be sure to leave the opening clear so water can flow freely!

And there you have it! You’ve got the look of buried drainage without needing to dig trenches or deep holes.

Looking for more downspout drainage ideas? Follow our Downspout Drainage board on Pinterest to learn more!

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