Which Direction Should My Ceiling Fan Rotate?

Which direction should my ceiling fan rotate?
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Your ceiling fan's rotation should change based on the season. Warm weather or cold, here's why this household appliance should be running year-round.

Ceiling fans make hot summers much more comfortable thanks to their cooling capabilities but many people write them off in the cooler months. Don’t let your ceiling fan collect dust in the winter! Instead, switch the rotation to reap even more benefits of this household appliance.

Whether you’re in the midst of a heatwave or are bundling up under blankets, here’s a simple home hack to improve the airflow in your home using a ceiling fan.

Your ceiling fan should run clockwise if… the heat is running.

Particularly during the winter. We all know that warm air rises, so why let it collect at the ceiling when it can be heating the room? In the winter, ceiling fans rotating clockwise will pull cool air up and push warm air down, creating an updraft. You’ll be able to cut back on space heater use, turn down the thermostat and save some money in the process. Keep the fan running at a low speed and you’ll be all set.

In the winter, make sure your ceiling fan runs clockwise.


Your ceiling fan should run counterclockwise if… it’s summertime.

Ceiling fans that rotate counterclockwise create a downdraft, allowing for proper air circulation. Good airflow in the summertime will let you cut back on using window fans and constantly running the air conditioning.

In the summer, make sure your ceiling fan runs counterclockwise.

To determine the direction the ceiling fan is running, stand underneath it and watch it while it runs. If you feel a breeze coming down, the fan is definitely rotating counterclockwise. Switching the rotation of a ceiling fan is as simple as flipping a switch located somewhere on the base of the fan.

No matter the season, running your ceiling fan will create a more comfortable living environment and also save you some money on energy bills.

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