Vanity Light Buying Guide: Tips for Choosing a Bathroom Fixture

Vanity Light Buying Guide: Tips for Choosing a Bathroom Fixture
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Choosing a bathroom vanity light is about more than just illuminating your bathroom.

Choosing a bathroom vanity light is about more than just illuminating the room. These days, vanity fixtures are statement pieces that marry form and function.

When buying a vanity light fixture, keep these things in mind: its size, finish, style and how you’ll be mounting it. Keep reading to learn how to pick the perfect vanity light.


Before buying, take the size of your bathroom vanity into account. A smaller vanity in a powder room or half bath will fit a two light fixture with ease. For larger vanities, a three- or four-light fixture will work better especially if you have a double sink. Placing a fixture over each sink adds balance to your bath. Don’t fret if you aren’t keen on the doubled up look—many manufacturers make fixtures with as many as six lights.


Matching your vanity light fixture to your faucet or bath hardware is easier than ever before thanks to the variety of finishes available today. The classics are still king though. You just can’t go wrong with chrome, nickel or oil rubbed bronze! There are new players on the market though. We’ve seen an uptick in finishes like antique brass, copper, aged bronze and more.


One of the hardest (and most important) choices to make in the buying process is choosing a style. It’s easy to match the fixture to your current bathroom décor theme, but sometimes there are so many options out there that making a final decision is tough.

It all comes down to personal preference. Do you like clear glass or frosted glass globes better? Do you want a fixture that pops or can you settle for something more basic? What kind of light bulbs does it require? These are just a few questions you should be asking yourself during the buying process.

Golden Lighting's Beckford 2 Light Vanity Lights



Take the amount of space you have above your mirror to decide the placement of your vanity fixture. If you choose a fixture with a lot of decorative elements that take up space, make sure you have enough clearance between the mirror and the ceiling.


Depending on the type of light you want in your bathroom, most vanity lights can be mounted up or down.

Installing a vanity facing up provides excellent ambient light. Fixtures with frosted glass shades diffuse the light so there’s an even amount of illumination. This allows the lighting in the bathroom to be as natural as possible. Exposed bulbs often give off harsh light that can cast shadows

On the flip side, mounting a vanity light with the lights pointed down gives off stronger light that’s ideal for task lighting. This mounting direction provides more bright light, but it can also cast harsh shadows on your face when you look in the mirror.

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Vanity lighting can make or break a bathroom. Choosing the right fixture will help provide the right amount of light so you can look your best every day. Shop our selection of vanity lights to find a statement piece that’s sure to brighten your day!

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