The Ultimate Spring Home Maintenance Checklist (+ FREE Printable)

The Ultimate Spring Home Maintenance Checklist (+ FREE Printable) | GreyDock Blog
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Get your home ready for spring with our printable checklist. 

Keeping up with seasonal maintenance is important for making your home look its best.

Last spring we wrote about the best indoor and outdoor home maintenance tasks, but this year we’re bringing you our ultimate list! Figuring out where to start can be the hardest part, so we separated this spring home checklist into two parts: indoors and outdoors.

The projects you’ll find under the Indoors section are simple tasks that you can complete over the course of the weekend. The Outdoors section is a little more labor-intensive, but the projects will definitely pay off over time.

Feel free to print this home maintenance checklist to quickly reference while getting your home ready for spring.

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