Top 10 Fall Home Maintenance Tasks

Top 10 Fall Home Maintenance Tasks | GreyDock Blog
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See our top tasks to tackle before the temperatures drop.

Want to make sure your home is ready for winter? Get a jump start on with these great fall projects before the temperatures drop.

1. Check Your Roofing

When it comes to roofing everyone knows small issues can lead to bigger problems down to road, especially in regions that experience heavy snow or rain. If your home has few missing singles or any  other signs of damage, it’s always a good idea to have roofer inspect and make and needed repairs before the winter months to prevent any potential problems. 

2. Jump Start Your Lawn Maintenance

We’ve all seen those perfect summer lawns: the ones that are perfectly manicured with no blade of grass out of place. The key is proper lawn care and prep. If you want a lush green lawn during the spring and summer, then you’ll want to tackle a few yardwork projects this fall. Now is the time to rake leaves, pulls weeds, over seed, aerate and fertilize your lawn. If you have a sprinkler system installed, you should clear the system if you live in an area that’s susceptible to freezing temperatures.

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist: Rake Leaves

3. Maintain the Furnace 

Furnaces are often forgotten during the summer months, but there is nothing worse than losing heat in the dead of winter. Fall is an excellent time to have you furnace inspected and serviced. A well-tuned furnace will not only run at peak efficiency but can actually help to save you money on your winter heating bills. 

4. Deep Clean the Carpet

Regular carpet cleaning can help to extend the life of your carpet. If it’s been a while since your last cleaning, fall is a great time to have your carpets cleaned as you will likely be spending more time in your home during the winter. Renting a carpet cleaner is inexpensive and can be found at your local hardware store.

Fall Home Maintenance: Deep Clean the Carpet

5. Add Some Color

As colder weather moves projects indoors it is a great time to think about touching up your home’s paint. Whether a simple touch up or a whole room makeover before the holidays, a fresh coat of paint is the perfect way to update a room.

6. Cleaning the Gutters

Falling leaves is the biggest culprit when it comes to gutter blockages. Leaves, twigs, branches and other debris can collect in gutters during the fall months leading to poor drainage that can damage your roof, gutters and even your foundation. Use the fall months to get ahead of spring thaw by cleaning your gutters.

Fall Home Maintenance: Clean Your Gutters

7. Keep the Cold Out

A well-tuned furnace is not the only way to keep the winter cold at bay and reduce heating costs. While not the cheapest project on this list, upgrading, sealing or replacing your home’s windows can dramatically decrease the draftiness of your home and keep heat in. New windows can also help to increase the overall look and value of your home!

8. Increase Insulation

Like many homeowners, insulation is often overlooked as it hidden in your attic or between your walls. Poor home insulation is one of biggest factors in your home’s utility bill. Read more tips for winterizing your home.

Fall Home Maintenance: Insulate Windows

9. Hire a Handyman

Even the best DIYers need a break once in a while. Consider making a list of small projects and repairs around your home and hire a local handyman to tackle them! Home Advisor is a great resource for finding the right fit for you.

10. Bathroom Remodel

Have you been contemplating a bathroom remodel? Big or small, start the project now so you can have it completed by the time you're hosting holiday guests.


Not only will these tasks keep your home in tip-top shape, but in the long run, you’ll save yourself some money. Got any other must-do maintenance ideas? Let us know in the comments!

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