Spotlight On: ELK Lighting

Spotlight On: ELK Lighting
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ELK Lighting combines innovation and style to create statement lighting products for the whole home.

More than 30 years ago in eastern Pennsylvania, three industry experts joined together to form what would become a world-renowned lighting company. Adolf Ebenstein, Jonathan Lesko and Russell King founded ELK Lighting in 1983 with a focus on collaboration, innovation and craftsmanship. Through the years the company has grown into an industry leader with more than ten successful brands under its belt.

Stylish Innovation

ELK Lighting’s vast selection includes pendant lighting, chandeliers, ceiling lights, wall sconces, table lamps and exterior fixtures. Its award winning team of international designers and engineers use a range of materials like glass, metal, stone and bamboo to create unique pieces.

You’ll be able to find fixtures that fit every home – especially those beyond the traditional or contemporary styles. ELK Lighting makes wonderful rustic, coastal and craftsman-themed fixtures.

From fixtures inspired by nature to sleek contemporary masterpieces, the huge selection of light fixtures make ELK Lighting a favorite among designers and homeowners alike. The company also brings eco-friendly options to the table with built-in LED fixtures.

ELK in the dining room. Image: ELK Lighting

Complete Your Home

The lighting collections that ELK offers is enough to decorate the entire home. Make dinner prep easy with bright pendant lighting or cozy up on the couch next to an ELK table lamp. Even the simplest vanity fixture can become a statement piece.

What sets ELK Lighting apart is its appreciation of both form and function. It’s not just about adding light to a room; it’s about illuminating a room with personality and style at an affordable price.

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