Why You Should Replace Batteries During Daylight Saving Time

Why You Should Replace Batteries During Daylight Saving Time | GreyDock Blog
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Time to fall back! The end of daylight saving time is the perfect time to replace smoke detector batteries—here's why.

If you’re starting to hear chirping—and, given the time of year, we assume it’s not birds—then it’s time to replace your smoke detector’s batteries.

The time to fall back is sooner than you think: daylight saving time ends November 4 and we’re just under two weeks away! With the time change comes the simple task that’ll keep you and your family safe.

As we mentioned in our spring home maintenance checklist, now’s the perfect time to replace and check up on all battery-powered items in your home. Smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, thermostats—you name it. Even if they’re hardwired into your electrical system, a biannual checkup should give you peace of mind knowing the backup battery is ready to go during a power outage.

Test your smoke alarms monthly. | GreyDock Blog

So, to recap:

1. Replace batteries every six months. Even if you think they’ve got some juice left, replacing smoke detector batteries twice a year ensures ongoing protection.

2. Test the alarms monthly. Take time at the beginning of each month to test the batteries. Sometimes you might end up with a dud battery or one that drained too fast.

3. Replace old units. Do you know how often you should replace smoke alarms? The National Fire Protection Association says to check the date of manufacture on the unit. If it’s been 10 years, it’s time to replace.

Replacing your smoke alarm’s batteries so frequently might seem like overkill, it’s for the best. Get in the habit of doing it to keep your family safe!

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