How to Refresh Your Shower Without Breaking the Bank

How to Refresh Your Shower Without Breaking the Bank | GreyDock Blog
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Before you call up a contractor to tear up the bathroom, here are a few ways to update your shower without breaking the bank.

Who doesn’t want a luxurious shower with plenty of room for you and all your products? Many homeowners think that in order to achieve that, you need to go through a complete bathroom remodel. That’s not always the case.

Before you call up a contractor to tear up the room, here are a few ways to update your shower without breaking the bank!

Create a Focal Point

Shower curtains are one of the first things you notice when walking into a bathroom. Using a shower curtain as an accent piece in your bathroom is one of the easiest ways to refresh the space. Feeling luxurious? Get a curtain made of cotton. Want something more playful? There are plenty of curtain designs to let your personality shine.

Install a Curved Shower Rod

Gone are the days of feeling cramped in a tiny shower. With a curved shower rod, you can add inches of extra space to your shower without having to knock down walls. Double curved shower rods are even better. They keep the plastic liner in the tub, protecting your floor from water and it keeps the decorative outer curtain dry too.

Give it a Scrub

It’s not the most thrilling task, but keeping your shower clean does wonders. Scrub the tile and get between each one to wash away mold and mildew. To get rid of hard water buildup on your showerhead, fill a bag with white vinegar and let it soak. Don’t have a shower curtain? Houzz has some great tips for cleaning glass shower doors

Install a New Showerhead

Buying a new showerhead sounds like it’ll come with a hefty price tag, but there are impressive models out there you can get for less than $100. Plus, if you get a low-flow showerhead, you’ll end up saving money by conserving water. While you’re at it, replace any leaky cartridges too.

Add Some Tension

If you’re installing a curved rod in place of your old tension rod, don’t get rid of it! Use the old shower rod as a way to store bath caddies. You can label them—one for each family member—and keep shampoos, conditioners, and body washes separate.

Refinish the Tub or Tile

Is your bathroom outdated? After years of use, both tubs and tile will start to look dingy. We've seen DIYers take colored tubs and turn them into a glimmering beauty. Need proof? Check out how Dave and Heather at the Heathered Nest transformed their shower and tub with only $50!

While a full shower remodel would be nice, it’s not in everyone’s budget to rip your bathroom up. We hope these quick (and budget-friendly) updates will help refresh your shower and make it feel like a brand new space!

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