How to Install Cabinet Hardware (the Easy Way!)

How to Install Cabinet Hardware (the Easy Way!) | GreyDock Blog
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Dress up your kitchen cabinets with new cabinet hardware. Here's our guide to installing cabinet knobs and drawer pulls—the stress free way.

Want to update your kitchen without much effort? Install cabinet hardware. It’s a simple project that many homeowners put off because of how time consuming it can be. Watch the video above and keep reading to learn how to install cabinet hardware—the easy way!

Tools Needed

Cabinet hardware installation is a basic home improvement project, so you’ll probably have most (if not all) of the tools needed.

Tools you'll need for cabinet hardware installation.

Step 1: Align Cabinet Hardware Installation Template and Mark Holes

The secret to a stress-free install is using a cabinet hardware installation template. They’ll only run you a few dollars at your local hardware store and can make the world of a difference.

Step 1: Align Cabinet Hardware Installation Template and Mark Holes

Line up the template with the corner of your cabinet door. Hold the knob up to the door to get an idea of where you want to install it. Once you’re happy with the placement, mark it with your pen.

Step 2: Place Painter’s Tape Along the Back of Cabinets

Step 2: Place Painter’s Tape Along the Back of Cabinets

Cover the back of your cabinet door with painter’s tape to prevent the wood from splintering when drilling.

Step 3: Drill Holes into Cabinetry

Step 3: Drill Holes into Cabinetry | Cabinet Hardware Installation

Time to drill! This step might be the most nerve-wracking, but as long as you keep your hand steady, you’ll be fine. Use your drill’s built-in level to help you drill straight through the door.

Step 4: Install Knobs or Pulls

Step 4: Install Knobs or Pulls | Cabinet Hardware Installation

Hold the screw in place while twisting the hardware on. It’s best to take your time with this step to avoid damaging your cabinet with any imperfections on the knob. Once it's secure, finish tightening it up with a screwdriver.


Installing hardware on cabinet doors is just as easy, but you might run into a snag: screws that are too short.

The solution? Buy longer screws or countersink the ones included with your hardware. Denise from Salvaged Inspirations does a great job explaining how to countersink hardware on her blog – check it out!

Step 5: Measure the Drawer’s Center Point

Step 5: Use measuring tape to accurately measure the drawer's center point. | Cabinet Hardware Installation

The first thing you’ll want to do is find and mark the drawer’s center point. Use the measuring tape to be totally accurate (because the last thing you want is for your hardware to be off center!).

Step 6: Mark Drill Holes on Drawer

Step 6: Align the drawer template and mark the drill holes. | Cabinet Hardware Installation

Using the center point mark from step 5, align the drawer hardware template. Make sure you know the center-to-center hole measurement of the pulls. Find them on the template and mark each spot.

After that, circle through steps two, three and four to finish up.


And there you have it! Installing cabinet hardware is an easy home improvement project that’ll totally change the look of your kitchen.

Have any questions? Feel free to drop us a line!

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